Location: St. Croix Observatory (SCO)
Date: 2022-04-05
Time: 10:00 PM ADT
Instrument: 10" Meade SCT, 25 mm Plössl
Magnification: x100
Transparency: Excellent (5)
Seeing: Excellent (5)
Temperature: 2º C
SQM: 19.37
No wind or clouds.

Constellation:  Cassiopeia
Magnitude: 6.9
Distance: 5.0 kly
Size: 12.0'

Tried 40 mm Plössl but the cluster was too small and faint so switched to the 25 mm Plössl.

I used the distance from Shedar to Caph, followed the line they formed up the same distance to find M52. Had fun trying to slew at an angle versus a vertical or horizontal line.

M52 is much smaller and fainter than the 3 Messier objects in Auriga. Looked almost rectangular in shape with the brighter stars on the north side. 

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