Location: Home
Date: 2018-09-01
Time: 10:28 PM
Instrument: Binoculars 10x30 IS (Magnification x10)
Instrument: 10" Meade SCT
Magnification: x10
Transparency: Very Good (2)
Seeing: Very Good (2)

Constellation:  Sagittarius
Magnitude: 5.2
Distance: 5.2 kly
Size: 45.0' x 30.0'

I had a new-to-me 10" Meade thanks to a friend in Ottawa. This was my first "oh, WOW!" moment with it. 

M8 was seen fully divided into 2 distinct segments:
   * One side had 4 bright stars in a denser looking portion.
   * The other portion was 5 lines of stars of varying magnitudes.

Absolutely beautiful - and amazing.



I had observed this object at SCO on September 3, 2016 using 10x30 IS binoculars only.
Time: 10:45 PM
Transparency: Excellent (5)
Seeing: Excellent (5)
SQM: 21.07
Temperature: 16º C

The nebulosity was oblong with a line of 5 stars in the bottom half, and 2-3 not so bright stars in the upper half. Very distinctive look and shape.


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