Location: Home
Date: 2022-07-23
Time: 12:35 AM ADT
S&T Chart Reference: 67
Instrument: EXOSTAR 80ED, 9.7 mm eyepiece with star diagonal
Magnification: x62

Transparency: Very Good (4)
Seeing: Very Good (4)
SQM: 19.62
Temperature: 19º C

Scutum was high in the SE sky so easily located tonight. 
M11 is one of my favourite clusters. It is easy to locate visually and with binoculars and can be easily identified in a time-lapse photograph. I consider it the golf ball that is next to the golf club.

I was learning to slew this new-to-me telescope. I slewed SE from β Sct where the cluster appears. It had one bright focal point but with averted vision there was a hint of many stars in the nebulosity. There were 2 stars (SAO 142703 & V369 Sct) that were close to the cluster and appeared to have some nebulosity as well.

Constellation:  Scutum
Type: Open Cluster
Magnitude: 5.8
Distance: 6.0 kly
Size: 13.0'

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