IWLOP #018 – Palus Somni & Proclus

Palus Somni, the "Marsh of Sleep," is a dark continental area west and south of Proclus. It's area is defined by an oblique impact that created a differential ray system. The unique character of this area is often best seen after Full Moon.

Location: 14.0 N 45.0 E     Origin: Tectonic      Size: 56 km, 40 km      Rukl: 37, 26     Type: Palus, Crater & Ray System

Objects: Palus Somni, Proclus
Others Identified: Macrobius, Mare Crisium, Mare Tranquilitatis, Mare Anguinus, Lacus Bonitatis

Moon Phase:  1st Quarter (52.9% illumination)

Location: Home
Date: 2021-03-21
Time: 7:18 PM ADT
Equipment: 10" Meade SCT, 4.7 mm
Magnification: x530
Transparency: Very Good (4)
Seeing: Very Good (4)

R1: Palus Somni is located on the NW side of Mare Tranquilitatis. Proclus is between Palus Somni & Mare Crisium. Proclus appears very white compared to its surroundings.
C1: Bright rays from Proclus go eastward into Crisium; none towards Palus Somni. 

1- The extent of the differential rays east and west of Proclus were drawn in the sketch; I didn't used the IWLOP template.
2- Palus Somni had a lighter grey shade/hue in colour compared to surrounding formations. It also appeared rough in terrain with numerous ridges and/or craters.
3- Proclus was oval-shaped. It's NW rim appeared shallow and had numerous ridges that were very white. The floor appeared very pale grey.

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