IWLOP #101 - Kies, Mercator & Campanus

Kies is a flooded crater with a nearby volcanic dome designated π (Pi). Mercator and Campanus are two nearly equal-sized craters located at the edge of Mare Nubium.

Location: 26.3 S 22.5 W    Origin: Impact     Size: 44 km (Kies), 47 km (Mercator), 48 km (Campanus)  
Length: 180 km (Rupes Mercator)    Rukl: 53     Type: Complex Crater (CC)

Objects: Kies, Bullialdus, Mercator, Rupes Mercator, Volcanic Dome Kies π, Campanus
Others Identified: Capuanus, Capuanus A, Bullialdus A & B, Campanus A, Dunthorne, König & König A, Marth, Ramsden

Location: Home
Date: 2021-06-21
Time: 12:15 AM ADT
Equipment: 10” Meade SCT, 4.7 mm eyepiece
Magnification: x530
Seeing: Excellent (5)
Transparency: Very Good (4)
Temperature: 17° C
SQM: 18.86

R1: Directly south of Bullialdus is Kies. It's walls are barely seen; the SW has a small area that is quite high. It's shaped like a small magnifying glass, short handle that may be higher in elevation than the crater walls.
R2:  Mercator does not have a peak and is shallower than Campanus and perhaps more worn. Campanus is NW of Mercator.  Rupes Mercator begins at Mercator's rim and goes southeasterly towards Rima Hesiodus. 


C1:  The volcanic dome just west of Kies designed π was observed; it appeared as a slightly raised area.
C2: Mercator does not have a peak whereas Campanus does. Campanus has a peak, its floor is darker and its sides steeper than those of Mercator. The unnamed rille appears as a thin dark line between the two craters; the south section curves into an area between the craters then heads north towards the small mountains on the mare floor.

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