IWLOP #072 - Huggins, Nasireddin & Miller

A fine trio featuring nearly equal sizes and structures; located in a rich area of many craters.

Location: 40.0 S 0.0 W    Origin: Impact    Size: 65 km (Huggins), 52 km (Nasireddin), 75 km (Miller)    Rukl: 65    Type: Complex Crater (CC)

Objects: Huggins, Nasireddin, Miller, Orontius, Saussure, Proctor

Location: Home
Date: 2019-03-14
Time: 7:15 PM ADT
Equipment: 6" Dobsonian, 10 mm eyepiece
Magnification: x120
Seeing: Good (3)
Transparency: Good (3)

R1: Found the central peaks for all three craters. Nasireddin appears to have impacted on Miller and Huggins, and Huggins has impacted on Orontius. The much larger Orontius was located to their west and had craters on both its rim and floor.
R2:  Found Saussure a short distance from Orontius. Proctor was 2-3 times that distance from Saussure and was quite shallow. 


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