IWLOP #062 - Stöfler & Faraday

Large pre-Nectarian crater with overlapping Imbrian Era crater. 

Location: 41.1 S 6.0 E    Origin: Impact     Size: 126 km (Stöfler), 70 km (Faraday)      Rukl: 65, 66, 73     Type: Complex Crater (CC)

Objects: Stöfler, Faraday, Licetus, Heraclitus, Fernelius, Kaiser
Others Identified : Cuvier

Observation 1:
Location: Home

Date: 2019-06-10
Time: 9:58 PM ADT
Equipment: 10" Meade SCT, 12 mm eyepiece with 92° FOV + x2 Barlow
Magnification: x416
Seeing: Very Good (4)
Transparency: Very Good (4)

R1: Stöfler has terraced walls in its western rim. Most of the adjacent secondary craters also have terraced walls.
R2: There are two distinct craters on either side of Faraday. The east crater appears deeper and smaller than the western crater with more terracing in the western crater.
R3: The oval-shaped Licetus is southeast of Stöfler whereas the odd-shaped Heraclitus is in the southwest.
  Heraclitus appears to have a small dividing mountain or ridge.
R4: To the north are Fernelius and Kaiser. Fernelius shares a ridge with Stöfler and also has a crater on its west rim. There is also a small crater where the crater rims of Stöfler and Fernelius meet. Kaiser also has a small crater to its NE.

These objects were confirmed on another evening when viewing Stöfler and Faraday.

Observation 2:
Location: Home
Date: 2021-04-15
Time: not recorded
Equipment: 10" Meade SCT, 4.7 mm eyepiece + x2 Barlow
Magnification: x1060
Seeing: Good (3)
Transparency: Very Good (4)
Temperature: 3° C - 0° C

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