IWLOP #045 – Moltke & Rimae Hypatia

Moltke is an impressive small crater that has a bright halo near the time of Full Moon. Rimae Hypatia is a group of rilles (grabbers) surrounding Mare Tranquilitatis. These parallel rilles form a shallow graben. Rimae Hypatia extends from the crater Sabine, past Moltke and along the southern edge to Statio Tranquilitatis (site of the Apollo 11 landing).

Location: 0.6 S 24.2 E   Origin: Impact and Tectonic    Size: 6.5 Km (Moltke), 180 km in length Rimae Hypatia)    Rukl: 46, 35    Type: Crater and Rill

Objects: Moltke, Rimae Hypatia, Sabine, Apollo 11 landing site
Others Identified: Theophilus, Sinus Asperitatis, Mädler, Cyrillus, Armstrong, Toricelli and Toricelli C, H, J, K

Location: Home
Date: 2020-05-27
Time: 9:39 PM ADT
Equipment: 6" Dobsonian, 9.7 mm eyepiece + x2 Barlow
Magnification: x250
Seeing: Very Good (4)
Transparency: Very Good (4)   

R1: Located off the tip of a highland that extends into Mare Tranquilitatis, Moltke is circular and deep. Only a small part of shadow showing. Raised rim well lit and very light in colour compared to surrounding landscape.

C1: Rimae Hypatia easily seen. There were two extensions: one on the right side end went up at an angle; the left side looked to have a slight split just west of A. The split segment seemed to have a parallel portion.
C2: Two small craters were found along the rille to the left and right of the crater Moltke. The one to the left in Rimae Hypatia; the one on the right is just above the Rimae.


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