IWLOP #032 – Wohler

Slightly elongated intermediate crater with a smooth floor.

Location: 38.2 S 31.4 E   Origin: Impact    Size: Crater 27 km    Rukl: 67     Type: Intermediate Crater (CI)

Objects: Wohler, Stiborius, Stiborius C, Nicolai, Spallanzani
Others Identified: Lindenau, Rabi Levi, Riccius, Zagut

Location: Home
Date: 2021-05-17
Time: 9:37 PM ADT
Equipment: 10" Meade SCT, 4.7 mm eyepiece + x2 Barlow
Magnification: x1060
Seeing: Excellent (5) 
Transparency: Very Good (4) 
SQM: 19.01
Temperature: 18° C

R1:  Wohler has no central peak; its SW wall is wider and steeper than the NE wall. Not as deep as Stiborius.  Stiborius has a central peak and appears to be in a relatively flat area (of another crater?). The SW wall is particularly steep, and wide walls in the SW. Stiborius C much shallower and smaller.

C1: Nicolai looked circular with 2 craters on its north wall and had a flat floor. Nicolai A also noted. Spallanzani looked to have a small crater on its west wall and was much smaller than Nicolai. Because Spallanzani was close to the terminator, I couldn't see its floor or interior rim details.
C2: Numerous craters were seen in this area - craters upon craters.

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