IWLOP #030 – Hommel

Extremely complex crater with several overlapping structures.

Location: 54.6 S 33.0 E   Origin: Impact    Size: Crater 125 km    Rukl: 75     Type: Complex Crater (CC)

Objects: Hommel, Pitiscus, Vlacq, Rosenberger, Search, Biela, Hagecius

Location: Home
Date: 2021-05-20
Time: 10:30 PM ADT
Equipment: 10" Meade SCT, 4.7 mm eyepiece
Magnification: x530
Seeing: Very Good (4) 
Transparency: Very Good (4) 

R1: Located Hommel SSW of Janssen. Identified its craters A, B, C, D, H and P. Also located J, Q, R, S, and V.

NOTE: It was difficult to discern exactly where this crater's walls were located given the numerous impacts it had on or near its original walls. Took a photo at the telescope of what I was viewing then used Rukl to help determine what I was seeing. 

R2: Pitiscus had an off-centre crater next to a raised formation; there was a terraced SW wall with a crater.

Vlacq appears to have sharp edges and perhaps 2 peaks or a split central peak.

Rosenberger is shallower and its SW rim appears worn.


C1: Biela is an oval with crater C impacting its NE rim; crater A is just above crater C.

Nearch and its crater A were also identified. Hagecius has large craters B and C on its SE walls.


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