IWLOP #009 – Endymion & Mare Humboldtianum

Prominent Nectarian age mare-filled crater with wall reaching 4.5 km. To the south, Endymion points to Mare Humboldtianum, also known as "Humboldt's Sea," a limb feature best seen during favourable libration.

Location: 53.6 N 56.5 E     Origin: Impact and Volcanism      Size: 125 km.      Rukl: 7      Type: Complex Crater (CC) and Mare-Basin

Objects: Endymion, Mare Humboldtianum
Others Identified:  de la Rue, Lacus Temporis, Strabo, Thales

This session was conducted as part of the lunar observing session - Lunar Session - April 15, 2021.

Location: Home
Date: 2021-04-15
Time: 8:44 PM ADT
Equipment: 10" Meade SCT, 4.7 mm eyepiece
Magnification: x530
Transparency: Good (3)
Seeing: Very Good (4)

R1: Endymion appeared elongated with a dark flat floor. NW wall looked ridged. A large flat area to its NW that looked shallower and about as large as Endymion. Lacus Temporis is to its SE.

C1: Mare Humboldtianum just visible on the Moon limb at the horizon. Could not view it all.
C2: not addressed at this time

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