Constellations: Cassiopeia
Asterisms: Big Dipper, Summer Triangle
Stars: Vega, ε Vega, Mizar-Alcor

Location: Home
Date: 2019-09-28
Time: 9:30 PM - 10:15 PM ADT
Instrument: Visual + Binocular 10x30 IS
Transparency: not recorded
Seeing:  nor recorded

Observing with grandson William who was with us for a sleepover. We spent some time going through some the constellations and asterisms he knew. For instance, because Vega was one of the first stars to be seen, he could easily find the Summer Triangle, and we saw the beginnings of the Milky Way showing up.

He has known about the Big Dipper since he was little. He also remembered Cassiopeia that he first saw at Blomidon Provincial Park two years ago (although he calls it the "William" constellation because of its 'W' shape). He was also shown the double stars Mizar and Alcor at Blomidon and during this evening's sky tour.

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