Location: 2013 Nova East Star Party, Smiley's Provincial Park (Binocular Table with Tony Schellinck): Sept. 6 - 8, 2015)
Theme: What You see Depends on How You Look
Date: 2015-09-06
Time: 9:20 PM 
Equipment: Binoculars (unknown)
Magnification: unknown
Seeing: not recorded
Transparency: not recorded

My first Star Party!  Hubby found the RASC Halifax Centre Nova East Star Party online and was interested in going. After initially saying no to going with him, I changed my mind - after all, it was a camping weekend. On Saturday morning, there was a session that was well beyond my comprehension so I went to the observing field to listen to Paul Heath's Walk the Solar System. Along with the children in attendance, I learned a lot! Later that evening, Paul pointed out constellations and special stars in his Sky Tour. This was followed by Tony Schellinck's Binocular Table at which participants were given a pair of binoculars and showed several constellations, their special stars and the Messier targets in them. It was because of these two gentlemen that I was hooked on astronomy!!

Unfortunately, I did not begin to log my observationns until August 2015. 



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