Phase: Waxing Crescent (35.7%)

Location: The Gonzo Inn, Moab, Utah
Date: 2017-05-30
Time: 9:25 PM (MT)
Equipment: Binoculars, 10x30 IS 
Magnification: x10
Seeing: good
Transparency: good (when clear)
Temperature: 21° C

Mostly clear sky with occasional cloud. I stood at an outdoor causeway between units at the hotel and had a clear view of the Moon. No Earth shine.

Moonset: 12:30 AM      Moonrise: 11:13 AM      
Sunrise: 5:56 AM         Sunset: 8:35 PM

Mare: Mare Fecunditatis, Mare Nectaris, Mare Tranquilitatis

Craters: Catharina, Cyrillus, Theophilis.
Theophilis and Cyrilius are a little more than 1/3 down the terminator.

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