Phase: Waxing Gibbous (75.2%)

Location: Home
Date: 2016-09-12
Time: 8:20 PM start; undocumented end time
Equipment: 10" Meade SCT, 40 mm + 30 mm Antares 2" eyepiece 
Magnification: x63 + x83
Seeing: not recorded
Transparency: not recorded

Clear sky with only a light wind. First Quarter was 3 days ago at 8:50 AM

Moonset: 2:02 AM       Moonrise: 4:58 PM
Sunrise: 6:50 AM         Sunset: 7:30 PM

Mare: Mare Hurmorum, Mare Iridum
Craters: Copernicus, Encke, Gassendi + Gassendi A Kepler, Lansberg, Plato, Reinhold, Tycho

There was a large protuberance on the terminus in the area of Mare Iridum. I could not identify the lunar feature that would have been illuminated so well. Maybe the Jura Mountains?


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