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Nova Cas 2021
6 x 10 min images of Nova Cas 2021 March 22, 2021 before it crashed into my neighbour’s house (figuratively). Imaged using a Skywatcher Esprit 120 mm refractor with a Nikon Z7 using a Triad Ultra Quad Narrow-band filter. Captured using Kstars on a Odroid-N2 (raspberry pi clone). Processed in PixInsight.

"The current brightness is around 7.8 mag (March 19, 2021) and still is getting brighter. Nova was given the designation Nova Cas 2021. It can be found close to the M52. The flare of the nova discovered Japanese Yuji Nakamura March 18, 2021 as an object 9.6 mag. The interesting thing about this object is that the variable this star was known before it ignited. It was discovered as an eclipsing variable star by the Czech observer Zbyněk Henzl, who entered it in the Czech catalog of variable stars as CzeV3217.”

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