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Andromeda Galaxy M31

The Andromeda Galaxy, also known as Messier 31 with its adjacent M32 and M110 galaxies (left and right), is a barred spiral galaxy. 2.5 million light-years from Earth and the nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way.

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Exposure15@300 sec (1.25 hours)
CameraNikon Z7 [8856 x 5504]
OpticsSkywatcher Esprit 120mm Refractor, 840 mm focal length
FilterTriad Ultra Quad Band
GuidingPhd2 using a ZWO 224MC on an Orion 60x240mm Guide scope
ControllerImages taken using Kstars on an Odroid-N2 (Raspberry Pi clone)
LocationLower Sackville, Nova Scotia.
PixInsight Processing
WeightedBatchPreprocessing Script
Dynamic Crop
DynamicBackground Extractor
Further tweaking in Lightroom.

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