This session was devoted to lunar observing.

Lunar Phase: Full Moon (99.8%)
Q-Day: -6

Full Moon: 9:28 AM

Moonset: 7:36 AM       Moonrise: 5:43 PM            
Sunrise: 7:37 AM          Sunset: 5:23 PM

Location: Kentville + Home
Date: 2018-01-31
Time: 7:38 PM – 10:06 PM
Equipment: Visual + Binoculars 10x42 IS
Transparency: Fair (2)
Seeing: Fair (2)


Time: 7:36 PM
Temperature: -9º C.

Clear skies, little wind. First saw the Full Moon as we pulled out of our daughter's driveway. It was in front of us most f the way back home. Shielding my eyes from the Moon's light, I could see Regulus (Note: I was the passenger in the car, not the driver.). Sky Safari Pro was used to determine the Moon's position relative to Leo, and to Cancer and Hydrus.


Time: 10:06 PM
Temperature: -11º C.

Skies still clear, little if any wind. A bit of high cloud was beginning to obscure views of stars. Winter Circle was easily identified along with the major stars in Orion.

Easily viewed the Moon from our side deck. Used my binoculars to determine the orientation of the Moon. 



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