Phase: First Quarter (55.8%)

Location: Home
Date: 2017-03-05
Time: 7:33 PM - 9:40 PM
Equipment: Binoculars 10x30 IS
Magnification: x10

Hazy sky, -12°C, windy. This session was followed by General Session - March 5, 2017

Moonrise: 11:14 AM     Moonset: 1:14 PM
Sunrise: 6:45 AM         Sunset: 6:08 PM

Montes Apennine:
Apennine Mountains very easily seen; caught your eye because of their brightness.

Mare Located:
Fecunditatis, Frigoris, Nectaris, Serenitatis, Tranquilitatis, Vaporum

Alphonsus, Arzachel, Klein and Ptolomaeus plus two small craters were on the lower half of the terminus. Upper part of the terminus was rough (craters? mountains?) compared to the terminus between Ptolomaeus and this feature. 
Thin cloud plus perhaps the First Quarter Moon made for poor visibility of the Winter Circle but was able to see some of the stars around the Moon plus the adjacent Pleiades. 

NOTE: The dark line across the image is not an astronomical feature; it was the line drawn between this sketch and the one above.


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