Constellation - Gemini

Location: Lower Sackville, NS
Date: 2016-01-31
Time: 8:35 PM AST start time; end time unknown  
Equipment: Visual
Magnification: n/a
Seeing: very good
Transparency: very good

-6° C, clear skies. An amazing clear night! With seeing so well, I wanted to determine which of the stars in the constellation could be seen naked eye. Didn't look for M35 at the end of Castor's foot. Couldn't make out the "arms" but the legs were seen after several seconds of looking and blinking (Mebsuta, η (eta), δ (delta), μ (Mu), Mekbuta, ζ (Zeta), and Alhera). 

Binoculars confused me because of all the other stars also visible, so I  didn't spend any time using them.

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