Besides looking at Saturn, I spent the earlier part of this evening exploring the Moon towards achieving Explore the Moon (Telescope) - August 3, 2017.

Planet: Saturn
Satellite:  (1)
Constellation: Ursa Major
Conjunction: Moon-Saturn-Antares

Location: Home
Date: 2017-08-03
Time: 8:15 PM - 11:40 PM
Instrument: Visual + Binocular 10x30 IS
Transparency: Good (3)
Seeing: Good (3)
Temperature: 20º C - 17º C

Clear skies with only a few clouds. Clouds started to move in from the N-NE later in the session.

Ursa Major
Time: 9:45 PM + 11:00 PM
Instrument: Visual 
S&T Chart Reference: 31, 32, 33, 43, F

The partly cloudy skies cleared by 8:30 PM so that all the stars in Ursa Major were visible at the earlier observing time. By 11 PM, the clouds covered the constellation completely.

Time: 8:30 PM + 11:25 PM
Instrument: Visual + Binocular 10x30 IS

Saturn was located visually earlier in this session. At the later time, I thought I had caught 2 moons in my sight. However, came to realize the brighter 'star' was ξ Ophiuchus and the fainter one was HR 6472. No moons of Saturn were seen. See the conjunction sketch below.

Time: 11:25 PM
Instrument: Binocular 10x30 IS

The satellite entered my FOV when looking at Sabik in Ophiuchus. It passed between Sabik and 58 Oph just north of Saturn before disappearing.Ursa Minor


Conjunction: Moon-Saturn-Antares
Time: not recorded
Instrument: Visual + Binocular 10x30 IS

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