Part of this session was also spent looking for other objects in the night sky (9:45 PM – 10:15 PM) - General Session - July 31, 2017.

NOTE: Sketch was drawn as seen – upside-down and backwards. This was the southern terminus, not the North. No explanation. Maybe something to do with the star diagonal position, or the side on which I was standing?

Lunar Phase: Waxing Gibbous (63.1%)
Q-Day: +1

Moonset: 12:45 AM        Moonrise: 2:49 PM
Sunrise: 6:00 AM            Sunset: 8:41 PM

Location: Home
Date: 2017-07-31
Time: 9:20 PM – 10:15 PM
Temperature: 16° C
Equipment: 10” Meade SCT, eyepiece not recorded
Transparency: not recorded
Seeing: not recorded

 Mare Imbrium at the other end of terminus with a crater at each end, mountainous border and a large perfectly circular crater (Plato). Southern craters seen were Archimedes with Aristillus and Autolycus adjacent.

Crisium, Lacus Somniorum, Nectaris, Nubium, Serenitatis, Tranquilitatis, Vaporum.

Alpes, Apennine, Vallis Alpes; couldn’t locate/identify Tenerife and Spitzbergen

Alphonsus, Archimedes, Aristillus, Arzachel, Autolychus, Cassini, Herschel, Plato, Ptolemaeus.

Other Craters not on the List:
Alpetragius, Bettinus, Phocylides, Segner, Wargentin, Zucchius.

Bettinus, Zuccius and Segner were observed at a subsequent observation - IWLOP #125 - Zucchius, Bettinus & Kircher.

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