Lunar Phase: Waxing Gibbous (75.3%)
Q-Day: +2

Moonset: 1:10 AM         Moonrise: 4:25 PM
Sunrise: 6:23 AM          Sunset: 8:12 PM

Location: Home
Date: 2018-08-20
Time: 9:20 PM - 10:15 PM ADT
Equipment:Celestron 6" Dobsonian, 10 mm + 25 mm + 30 mm eyepiece
Magnification: x120 + x48 + x40
Transparency: Poor (1)
Seeing: Fairly Good (2)

No wind or clouds. Slight haze to the sky that gave a shimmery/shaky look from time to time. 

We were playing with my newly-acquired 6” Dobsonian (gifted to me after the Kejimkujik DSW). Aligned the finder scope with the tube and ‘pushed’ it to the Moon. It provided me an upside-down view of the Moon, but was able to identify Clavius, Porter, Rutherfurd and Blancanus, as well as other features.

Maria: Crisium, Fecunditatis, Imbrium (partial), Nectaris, Serenitatis, Tranquilitatis, Vaporum

Montes: Alpes, Apennine, Carpatus (partial), Caucasus, Tenerife

Craters: Archimedes (no shadows), Blancanus (sketched), Bullialdus, Clavius (sketched), Copernicus, Eratosthenes, Porter (sketched), Tycho (sketched)

Found Craters not on the list: König (sketched), Lambert, Rutherfurd, Scheiner, Street (sketched)





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